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A child reading a book

Successful reading skills are essential for full engagement in today's society because, in addition to education and employment, a range of cultural and social activities rely on the ability to efficiently and accurately understand information from text.

An independent and successful reader must develop both adequate word reading and reading comprehension. Our focus is to advance knowledge about the development of reading comprehension, the ultimate goal of most reading.

This project aims to understand the relationship between morphological awareness - access to the structure and component meanings of words - and reading comprehension. We will be studying the relationship between these skills in both English and Chinese developing readers.

We are currently recruiting schools in the Lancaster area to take part in the English strand of this project. Please take a look around this site to find out more!

Our Research Questions

  • Does morphological awareness have a different influence on reading comprehension in English and Chinese?
  • Does morphological awareness play a different role in English reading comprehension for first and second language learners?
  • Do morphological awareness skills account for the difference in English reading comprehension ability in first and second language learners?