Masters Courses in Psychology

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MSc in Psychological Research Methods

Lancaster's MSc in Psychological Research Methods has a strong history as a successful and rewarding course that furthers your knowledge in Psychology. Among the course features are:

  • It equips students with the research skills (e.g., statistics, conducting and presenting research studies, qualitative methods) needed for research and professional careers related to psychology.
  • An established and extremely successful course with a very good track record of graduate progression to other courses / jobs.
  • We would be pleased to hear from students who wish to take this MSc either as part of a 1+3 package or on a standalone basis prior to further research, vocational training (for example in clinical psychology) or career advancement.

MSc in Social Psychology

Lancaster's MSc in Social Psychology covers:

  • The presentation and evaluation of social psychological research.
  • The principles of of research design and analysis.
  • The application of social psychology to social problems (e.g. conflict between groups, decision-making in a legal context).

MSc in Developmental Psychology

Lancaster's MSc in Developmental Psychology takes advantage of a particular strength of the department profile.

  • The primary aim of this MSc is to provide students with an advanced knowledge of the methods, analytic techniques, theories, and major findings in a range of important sub-areas of developmental psychology.
  • Offered since October 2002, building on the department's recent success in establishing the Centre for Research in Human Development.
  • Teaching methods include: lectures, interactive discussion sessions, direct practical experience of modelling developmental phenomena, gathering, analysing and presenting developmental data.

MSc in Developmental Disorders

Lancaster's MSc in Developmental Disorders offers a more focused analysis of an important area within developmental psychology.

  • The course is designed for graduates who wish to progress to a PhD in clinical, educational, or experimental psychology.
  • It is also suited to students who wish to boost their research skills en route to speech and language therapy, or clinical or educational psychology training.
  • The course will be attractive to those have already qualified as behavioural therapists, care workers, clinical psychologists or educational psychologists, but wish to enhance their research skills before entering the job market.
  • The course should be considered by any students who require additional knowledge about developmental disorders to apply to their work environment.

MSc in Psychology of Advertising

Lancaster's MSc in Psychology of Advertising novel MSc is designed to link psychological research skills and knowledge of human behaviour with the application domain of advertising.

A major feature of the course is the integration of theory with the practical reality of advertising; as well as developing an understanding of advertising research design, you will undertake dissertation research that applies psychological theory to leading-edge issues in advertising or to real-time commercial needs. This is conducted within an unpaid internship during the summer term with a communications organization (giving invaluable commercial experience), or within the postgraduate department for more specialized 'lab based' experiments.