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Professor Paul J Taylor

Professor Paul J Taylor


Fylde College
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1524 594421

Research Interests

I'm interested in how people cooperate. Using experimental, archival and field research, I've studied both the fundamental behavioral and cognitive procsses that make human interaction possible and, more practically, the kinds of tactics and policies that promote peaceful resolutions.

I place a high value on ecological validity. Consequently I've examined the interpersonal dynamics of crisis negotiations, police interrogations, pub fights, vetting interviews, and serious sexual assaults. I've also used ‘process’ methodologies to study contextual determinants of cooperation, such as the factors that precede violence in the lives of male and female terrorists. Common patterns emerge over these contexts, and these provide the basis of operational support and training to law enforcement agencies worldwide.

I'm a Professor of Psychology at Lancaster University, UK, and Professor of Human Interaction at Twente University, The Netherlands. At Lancaster, I direct Security-Lancaster, a University-wide centre of excellence comprising ~60 staff and the latest in research and training facilities. I edit Legal and Criminological Psychology.

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